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Here you find all of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding our business and the world of soakwells!

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What are soakwells?

Soakwells are subsurface water tanks that aid in the on-site detention of rain water collected from roof areas. Soakwells protect your home against flooding, soil erosion and rain damage. In addition, soakwells prevent your water from flowing into neighbouring properties, which is your legal obligation as a home owner.

Can I be issued with a non-compliance order if I do not install soakwells of volume specified by the local council?

The volume of soakwell recommended by your council is a guide only, not a requirement. As such, you will not need to provide proof of the volume of soakwell that you have had installed and you cannot receive a council notice or fine if you do not install the recommended volume. However, the closer you are to the recommended volume, the less risk of overflow, as the councils have determined this volume from years of statistics on rain fall. This means there is less risk of storm water flowing into neighbouring properties, which can result in a non-compliance order, as well as less risk of damage to your home.

Can we be assured of quality workmanship?

Yes, please be assured that Simply Soakwells is a registered business and a member of the Master Builders Association of WA. We are insured and all our work also comes with a 10 year guarantee on products and workmanship.

Will the polypropylene soakwells collapse like plastic (Bunnings) soakwells?

No, the polypropylene soakwells are completely different to plastic PVC soakwells. They are fully trafficable and non-biodegradable so they will last forever. Unlike plastic PVC soakwells, the polypropylene soakwells will not collapse!

Do you install one small polypropylene soakwell per down pipe?

We usually assemble the polypropylene soakwells as one or two larger tanks and run all the down pipes into it. One tank per downpipe doesn’t always work as it depends on the surface area of roof that each service. This is why we ask for the total roof area (m²) and calculate the required number of polypropylene tanks from that, rather than the number of down pipes.

What volume of polypropylene soakwell do I need for my home?

The polypropylene soakwells have 65% more drainage surface area than their concrete counterpart and are less likely to flood. However, it always better to go for the full volume that the council recommends as this will guarantee sufficient volume even in heavy down pours that are experienced around 1 in 20 years in Perth.

Is it the law to have soakwells?

In WA your only legal obligation is to retain the storm water on your property. In most cases, the installation of soakwells is the most effective way to achieve this. Your local council will provide recommendations for the volume of soakwell to be installed for you property. This will ensure storm water is effectively detained within your property. However, you are not legally obliged to install soakwells.

Do you attach the soakwell plumbing directly to the down pipes?

We prefer to install open grated drain tops directly under the down pipes. This prevents any overflow backing up into the ceilings. The soakwells are unlikely to flood but this is still a risk not worth taking. The open grated drain tops also act as a leaf trap, preventing your soakwells filling up with leaves and other organic matter that has drained from your roof.

Are concrete soakwells the best?

No, although concrete soakwells are strong they are certainly not the most efficient. The polypropylene tanks have 65% surface drainage area and therefore drain 50% faster. They are also fully trafficable, resistant to degradation and environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials. In addition, unlike concrete tanks, the polypropylene tanks can cater for any volume requirements and are perfect for small confined spaces.

What is the difference between ‘storage volume’ and ‘flow volume’ of polypropylene soakwells?

The storage volume is the actual storage capacity of a soakwell, while the flow volume takes into account the rate of drainage. As the polypropylene soakwells have 65% drainage area, they drain 50% faster than concrete soakwells, which in turn results in a ‘flow volume’ of approximately 1.5 X the storage volume.

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