Simply Soakwells is a highly experienced and reliable, local family business

Every soakwell is personally installed by the owner/operator of Simply Soakwells, who prides himself on his personal service and quality workmanship.

We only use quality soakwells, connections, and fittings. These include industrial concrete, heavy-duty polypropylene soakwells wrapped in geo-textile material, stormwater class U-PVC pipe and connections and open grated drain tops to prevent water backing up into ceilings.

Why choose Simply Soakwells Perth?

Drainwell DW1592 Polypropylene Soakwells

The best polypropylene soakwell on the market is the Drainwell DW1592 soakwell, which is manufactured here in WA from 100% recycled and UV-stabilised polypropylene. These soakwells are council approved and meet Australian standards.

Strong: Trafficable up to 3o t/m² and can be safely installed under driveways and carparks. Unlike plastic PVC soakwells, these tanks will not collapse!

Efficient: 65% surface drainage area and therefore drain 50% faster than their concrete counterparts. They are by far more efficient and economical than concrete soakwells.

Durable: Resistant to decomposition by bacteria and fungi and a wide range of soil-borne chemicals, meaning they will last forever.

Versatile: These soakwells are perfect for small or enclosed areas as they lightweight and easily assembled on-site without the need for large plant machinery. They are also perfect for large open spaces as they can be assembled together to form soakwells of infinite size and cater for all volume requirements.

Download a copy of the specification sheet for the polypropylene Drainwell DW1592 soakwells here:

Drainwell DW1592 specifications

WARNING: Some companies are inflating the volume of the polypropylene soakwells by specifying the ‘flow capacity’ or ‘flow volume’, not the actual ‘storage volume’ of the soakwells. The flow capacity takes into account the rate of drainage of the polypropylene soakwells (50% faster than concrete soakwells) and is an arbitrary figure at least 1.5 x the actual storage volume of the soakwell. Always ask for the number of individual modules of polypropylene soakwell

Concrete Soakwells

Simply Soakwells uses only the highest quality precast concrete soakwells. All soakwells are of 35+ MPA rated concrete and feature polycarbonate fibers in smaller tanks (6-900ID) and reinforced rings in larger tanks (1200ID) to reduce crazing (fractures). We are proud to be working with Trevor Browne of TFB Earthmoving, to install concrete soakwells, concrete sumps, and septic systems up to the 1800ID range.

While concrete soakwells are strong and tested by time, they are not the most efficient soakwells. Polypropylene soakwells have 65% surface drainage area and therefore drain 50% faster than their concrete counterpart. In addition, polypropylene soakwells are strong and durable and are suited to small enclosed spaces as well as large, open, high traffic areas. Check out our page on polypropylene soakwells to find out more about the latest in technology in stormwater retention systems.

Soakwell Repair

Are your soakwells overflowing during heavy downpours? Is your garden subject to flash flooding and soil erosion? Contact Us for a free stormwater appraisal and quote to repair or replace your soakwells.

If your garden is flooding, it is likely that the soakwells installed are of insufficient volume or they have collapsed, if there have been soakwells installed at all. It is often a daunting task to dig up an established garden to repair or replace soakwells, but don’t worry, this is our specialty!
We will work around you and leave your garden looking as good as new! and you will never have to worry about your soakwell overflowing again.



DIY Soakwells

The heavy-duty Drainwell soakwells drain 50% faster than concrete soakwells and are trafficable up to 30 tonnes when installing correctly. They also have the added benefit of being easily assembled on-site so you do not large plant machinery for the installation. This makes them much more affordable and also gives you the option of installing them yourself if you need to cut costs!

Simply Soakwells will provide you with the best tanks on the market, hand-delivered to your residence to get you started. We will also give you advice on the installation and a demonstration on how to assemble the tanks. This will give you the added confidence you need to complete a professional installation that will last a lifetime. Don’t waste time with plastic PVC soakwells that will collapse in a year…. Contact us now and do it right.

Prices start at $43 (Inc GST) per DW1592 module (132 L), which includes the geotextile fabric wrap required to prevent leaching. Contact us now for advice on the volume you will require for your catchment area. We can also supply you with all of the plumbing you will need for your installation.

Download a FREE copy of DIY user manual to get started: DIY User Manual